Our GP Group Billing Policy – Spring Hill

Our GP Medical Centres Spring Hill Consultation Fees:

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm:

Consultation Type Time Our Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost
Short 0 to 5 minutes $40.00 $17.50 $22.50
Standard 6 to 19 minutes $85.00 $38.20 $45.80
Long 20 to 39 minutes $130.00 $73.95 $56.05
Extended 40 minutes and over $180.00 $108.85 $71.15
Referrals and Scripts No Visit $20.00 $ – $20.00
Various Form FIlling Outside of consukt $25 $ – $25
Overseas AMA Rate Zero to 20 minutes $141 $ – $141

Monday to Friday 6pm to 11pm:

Consultation Type Time Our Fee Medicare Rebate Out of Pocket Cost
Short 0 to 5 minutes $40.00 $17.50 $22.50
Standard 6 to 19 minutes $85.00 $38.20 $45.80
Long 20 to 39 minutes $130.00 $73.95 $56.05
Extended 40 minutes and over $180.00 $108.85 $71.15
Overseas AMA Rate Zero to 20 minutes $141 $ – $141

Our GP Group routinely bulk bills all Express appointments. If you book an express appointment and require extra time you will be required to re book later for an appropriate consultation type.

Patients must be able to present the appropriate Medicare/DVA card along with appropriate student/healthcare/pension card at the time of appointment or you will be charged full consultation fee.

Routine bulk billing will apply to the following patient groups:

  • Express Consultation
  • Children under 16 years will be bulk billed for standard consultations.
  • Concession Card Holders (Health Care or Pensioners)
  • Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) Card holders
  • Patients attending for preventative health care services related to chronic conditions. E.g. Chronic Disease Care Plans and Reviews, Health Assessments
  • Full-Time Domestic Students

What Typical Appoint Types and times look like:

We take pride in running our appointment book on time. To reduce wait times please follow the booking guidelines below:

0 to 5 Minute appointment (Express) – 1 Fast Single Simple Issue:

  • Simple Prescription
  • Simple Referral
  • Simple Results

6 to 19 Minute appointment (Standard) – 1 Single Simple Issue:

  • Morning after pill, Ear infection
  • Sore eye or ear, Simple results discussion
  • Minor injuries or infection, Ear syringe
  • Breast check (no pap), Laser appointments
  • Urine infection, Rash
  • Skin infections, Sports Injury
  • Upper respiratory tract infection, Thrush
  • Pill script / no pap Pregnancy tests
  • Blood pressure check

20 to 39 Minute appointment (Long) – 2 Simple Issues or 1 complex Issue:

  • 6-week check-up after baby born
  • Baby check at 6 weeks old
  • Multiple minor problem appointment
  • Medicals – (these must be pre-booked)
  • Full skin check
  • Children’s immunisations & Growth checks
  • Investigations of any of the following:
  • Headaches / tiredness / abdominal pain / back pain / chest pain / dizziness / abnormal vaginal bleeding/lower abdominal pains.
  • Pregnancy visit
  • Menopause counselling
  • New patient starting on the pill
  • Asthma review with breathing tests
  • Initial travel advice consultation
  • Counselling /depression/anxiety/Mental Health Plan
  • Cervical screening test and breast check

We do provide longer appointments for more complex issues

Please do not put our Doctors under pressure by booking an inappropriate appointment type.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash
  • Eftpos
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Services NOT Covered by Medicare (Private Fees apply):

  • Employment and Diving Medicals
  • Fitness to Drive Medicals (except for Aged or Medical Condition)
  • All insurance reports
  • Letters of Advice by a GP
  • Health Screening Services: testing fitness to undergo physical training programs; vocational activities or weight reduction programs, examination and tests to obtain a flying, commercial diving, or other license, entrance to schools and other educational facilities, for travel requirements and for the purposes of legal proceedings.